Monday, February 23, 2009

Worst Parent Ever*

How can I call myself a good parent when it took me three and a half years to introduce Drew to the concept of a bubble bath? It's not that I had any health or educational or other parental excuse for not giving the kid his bubbles. It's that it never even crossed my mind. I must hang my head in shame.

The bubble bath is, of course, a huge hit. He stayed in that tub for a good half hour, doing the usual moving bubbles, hording bubbles, and painting himself with bubbles that is standard for bubble baths. But he added something to the repertoire that never ceased to make me giggle. He kept trying to sit on his bubbles and would spring back up out of the tub, squealing with glee that he had gotten bubbles on his butt.

*OK, so it's not one of the promised posts from way back at the beginning of the month. At least I posted something, though.

Monday, February 02, 2009

The Blog To Do List

Things I honestly want to blog about and intend to do so soon, no foolin', like any minute now...or maybe, hopefully, one post before next Monday rolls around.

  • Drew! The Musical

  • Adventures in Drew's Wardrobe

  • When the DDJ Starts Feeling Like a Career...and a Good One at That

  • RaceFail 2009 (aka the Cultural Appropriation Debate That Ate the Internet)

  • Realizing a Horrible White Privilege Mistake 15 Years Too Late (related to the above)

  • The Insanity of Kellie: 2009 Edition (Two Contests, Overtime, Last Minute Short Story Sub, and Writing Group Madness)

  • I'm Glad Battlestar Galactica Still Works for Some

I think that's everything that's been nattering around in my skull of late. Well, there's probably more Drew stuff to share, I'm sure. Stay tuned to this space for one, some, or all of these stories!