Monday, October 08, 2007

Not Quite Into the Tricycle Concept

The Drew Monster hasn't warmed to the idea of pedalling just yet. He doesn't mind being pushed on it. And he certainly enjoys pushing the trike around himself, and he loves putting rocks in the little "trunk." But actually using this device as a mechanism for self-propulsion along a sidewalk? Not so much.

His biggest birthday hit seems to be all the coloring implements, though the Diego Rescue Cell Phone was a required traveling companion for a couple of car trips after his big day. And every morning starts with a rousing round of music on the new xylophone. But, of course, he had the most fun on the day of his party by pulling all of the tissue paper out of the big huge bag Uncle Brad put the Diego phone in. And we still haven't set up the Thomas train set yet, so we'll see what sort of play time that gift gets in the coming days. Of course, Momma and Daddy are very happy with the clothes and birthday money which we spent on clothes as he's starting to get too tall for his current wardrobe and definitely needed better fitting cooler weather wear.

So thank you everyone who helped us celebrate Drew's 2nd Birthday. We'll be sending Thank You cards shortly, and each one will include a Drewbie Original Scribble for extra collector's value. The art will most likely be in either blue or purple, his colors of choice. Or pen, perhaps, as Andrew Thomas has been known to wield ink as a preferred medium.

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