Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Stargate: Universe Off to Good Start

I'd like to say I called it, but that always sounds so silly when you only mention this after the formal announcement. But, dude, my Spidey Sense did tingle every so slightly yesterday when Scalzi mentioned he was in Vancouver and a commenter noted that Mallozzi of Stargate fame had indicated Scalzi was there at Mallozzi's invite. I remember a half-formed thought to the effect of "I wonder if this has to do with Stargate: Universe?" And, indeed, Scalzi has announced he will be a Creative Consultant for the show.

As others have noted, this is the best news I've heard about this show yet. It improves the chances of my liking this show considerably and being willing to watch it regularly even through the usual new show jitters. That's saying something after Stargate: Atlantis seemed to go out with a fizzle and no clear direction for the supposedly green-lit movies. It'll be interesting to watch for his influence if nothing else.


JessicaK said...

And didn't they recently sign the small thin blonde guy from the Full Monty to star? (Robert Carlyle)?

Kellie said...

John Scalzi's announcement is pretty much the only bit of info I have on this show. Well, that and some of it's critics are taking to calling the show "Stargate: Voyager, 90210."

JessicaK said...

I just saw today that Michael Shanks will be making an appearance on SG-Uni. Not sure what. But lokoing at the new cast pix I can totally see the 90210 reference. esp. since they just remade 90210 :D