Friday, March 25, 2005


I made it through the first and the worst of the three-part root canal experience. The next two appointments will not be as long and won't involve nearly as much rooting around in my mouth. The worst part about yesterday's appointment was anticipating it. My stomach was a mess yesterday and the day before. And the minute I walked out of the dentist's office, I felt 100% better, back to the normal I've been feeling since the middle of last week. Yes, mornings are still strange, and apparently Junior really likes having me up at 4AM every morning. But everything's really calmed down from what it was throughout the first trimester.

I've got a couple posts nattering around in my head, mostly about my adjusted writing goals for the year and such. Hopefully I'll start posting at least a couple times a week soon. It all depends on the DDJ and if things start to settle a bit here.

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