Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Last Minute Glamour

Found out today that I am a go for hanging elegantly on Mark's arm for the Arizona Small Business Association's Arizona Companies to Watch Awards Event, where there will be a Red Carpet and awardees (of which Mark's company is one) will be given the "star" treatment.

I suddenly wish that the killer dress I bought for a dance my sophomore year of college still fit. I suppose it should comfort me that I bought the thing a decade, thirty pounds, and a child ago so of course my body is going to laugh at the idea of squeezing into a size 4 dress.... Oh well, I'll just have to comfort myself by going dress and shoe shopping tonight. Oh, the agony.

Now to figure out if my hair will tolerate any style in 100+ heat?


joankw said...


I am sure you looked Fabulous. But more importantly - did you have fun?

Friday Night we celbrated some of the best and brightest of our businesses commnumity. Fifty amazing companies. The hero video you saw that night can be viewed at and all the company details are at

We are so haoppy that you had a chance to join us.

Joan Koerber-Walker
CEO, ASBA - The Arizona Small Business Association -home of the Arizona Companies To Watch

Kellie said...

Joan -

I certainly felt like $1,000,000, so hopefully I didn't look dreadful. I work from home, taking care of our toddler, so my standard state of affairs is decidedly unglamorous. The chance to get all spiffed up and hang out with adults was well received.

My husband and I had a great time, and we enjoyed seeing what other businesses are doing in the state. And the evening was educational as just hearing how some of the other business had earned their awards made me more aware of the vagaries of entrepreneurship.

Thanks for all of your hard work and enthusiasm for the ASBA. It's nice to know that my husband's company has such an amazine advocate.