Thursday, August 16, 2007

Deja Vu All Over Again

Found out yesterday that Mark's company is up and moving to California come October. He was given the option of moving with the company or being out of a job come the end of September, with the company's sincerest regrets and best efforts to recommend the hell out of him. It didn't take us very long to go with the latter option. While Mark has really enjoyed this company and the science he gets to do there, even he can't muster the faith that the move is going to do anything for this company's viability. That's saying something.

We've got six weeks to get him a new job without losing any of our savings, but our savings have been intentionally plumped these past few months specifically for this eventuality, so we should be OK for a few months after that should the job search not go well.

Sigh. Where's my multimillion dollar publishing contract when it's needed?

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