Monday, August 20, 2007

You Must Choose, But Choose Wisely

Drew's mealtimes have improved significantly by giving him a choice of menu options. Except for breakfast. The Boy rarely eats a good breakfast these days. But give him a choice of pizza or PB&J sandwich at lunch, and he'll enthusiastically pick one and eat more of the selection than he's eaten before. I can't believe it took me this long to figure this out. We've been having him make his snack selections from the pantry for a while now (supervised, of course), and one of those moments hit me like a ton of bricks. Of course Drew would enjoy having a choice of meals as well.

On the matter of what he wears, though, Drew didn't even try to put up with denying his say in things. Starting a couple of weeks ago, he refused to wear whatever we pulled out for him, morning or night, opened the dresser himself and dragged out what he wanted to wear. This has resulted in night-time outfits of pants with no top and day-time outfits of the same sleeping pants with a shirt. He does have a couple of favorite outfits: the bright orange shirt with a pirate shark on it, the beach rompers in bright blues and greens featuring frogs, and a pair of beige shorts that amazingly still fit him despite being intended for 9 month old babies to wear.

The other choice Drewbie regularly makes is to wear socks. Given the 100+ heat outside, I find this choice surprising. But he does seem to be very into socks at the moment.

I'm taking this as good practice for the teenage years. If I can tolerate his wacky choices of wardrobe now, I just might be able to stomach the even crazier ones in the next decade. Maybe.

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