Monday, January 07, 2008

Pantsless Drew

The boy is trying to start a fashion trend. For his nap time, we've been taking off his pants to make sleeping more comfortable for him. Lately, he doesn't feel the need to put his pants back on when he wakes up from his nap. Unless we have to leave the house, he spends many the afternoons running around in his diaper and a shirt. The house is usually warm enough (or he's usually active enough) that it's not a big deal.

Last week, Drew decided that his new PM outfit needed a twist. He demanded he wear socks and shoes without pants. He's quite taken with his New Clothes. As if the removal of his pants made walking a whole new experience, the Drew Monster will clomp around in his socks and shoes, staring at his feet. He walks backwards, he walks in circles. He steps with great care and precision, watching the movement of his legs without those pesky pants.

Even more amusing is how he handles the clothing requirements for going out of the house. In Pantsless Mode, he'll come up to me and say, "Car!" or "Out!" I then explain that he has to put his pants on if he wants to go in the car or outside. Drew considers this and says, "No," and finds something more amusing in the house to entertain him.

Of course, because I'm such a loving mother, I will be getting a picture of this attempt at influencing fashion for that Special Album of similiar photos to show Drew's special someone later in life.

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