Thursday, January 10, 2008

Synopsis is Done

Well, it's just squeaked in the 3 page limit. In the course of getting it from 5+ pages down to those 3, I'm not sure there's much more editing I could do to the thing. But I'll set it aside and give it a look-see tomorrow during Drew's nap.

Now I've got those last few bits of revisions to do, which I should be able to finish up tonight. I'm hoping that everything will be off to the publisher before the day ends tomorrow. That's two days before the deadline, hoo-rah. Then I have to wait three weeks for the verdict. My hopes are really running strong with this one, and the comments from both Mark and my critique partner have been very positive. This story feels like it is The One. And if it isn't (at least not for this publisher), then I'm still going to be very happy with my effort. I've really come far with my process with PPR, and I'm looking forward to applying what I've learned to my other projects.

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