Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Ah, Election Day

My data set isn't too plentiful for this grand event, but damn are there a lot of people voting! I had to wait over an hour to vote this morning, when it only took me ten minutes last time at the same time and location! This is nuts, but in a good way. Well, good that everyone's voting, bad that our polling places may not be able to handle it. I'm not looking forward to tonight's analysis and tomorrow's headlines. Which is why I'll probably go to my crit group and then hop right in bed and watch SG-1. Leave the poll analysis to people who actually find Ted Koppel saying the same thing in slightly different ways for two hours entertainig.

Aside from all that hoopla, I started NaNo yesterday and got 1728 words. I was aiming for 2000 even, but I'll take what I got. I'm going to put that information on my sidebar somewhere so ya'll can monitor my progress.

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