Monday, November 08, 2004

Ready to Roll

Voting made me sick. Honestly. The stupid wobbly "booths" and all those rectangles to fill in triggered a nasty dizzy spell that put me out of commission for Thursday and Friday. And Wednesday wasn't a picnic, either. Joyous. So I only managed to get up to 4,560 words for NaNo, behind the 10,800 words I hoped to have by the end of the weekend. Oh well. The good thing about being under the weather this was that I was able to plot out the next three chapters in a much better way than they were before. The storylines are exciting to me again and weave better with the entire book. Once I get past those three chapters, I should be past this "beginning" slog and into the middle. Usually I hate middles, but things should move pretty well with this one.

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