Friday, August 12, 2005

Cool Stuff for Drew and His Room

Andrew's going to be one very smartly dressed little guy. My in-laws have done it again, sending me a baby shower in a box--well, three boxes, really. They did this for a wedding shower three years ago. Seeing as I don't really have family up here, and my local friends are for the most part starving writers in their forties and beyond, a true "surprise her with a party" shower just hasn't been in the cards. So the Buffalo relatives all congregate somewhere over there, have a little party, wrap up gifts and make cards, and send everything my way.

This time, Mark was kept in the dark also, as the shower was also for him as the Daddy-to-be. So we had a good time last night, opening the gifts and taking pictures of our reactions to Andrew's loot with the disposable camera they sent. Now we just need to finish setting up the nursery so we can put all the cool new stuff away instead of stacking it in boxes in the closet. (If we left everything just sitting out in the nursery, Addy would cover the homemade quilts with cat hair because she loves to lounge on soft stuff, and Nosey would introduce the monkey stuffie to every corner of the apartment, most likely trying to be friendly.)

Drew's got lots of cute outfits for the first year, which shatters Mark's original notion of just having the boy wander around in the buff, or maybe only in a diaper. (But knowing both of his parents, Drew is probably going to do a lot of fleeing from our hands after a bath to run around nekkid.) We also got the complete crib bedding set, now we just need the crib to put it in. And Drew also snagged his first play gym as well as assorted toys, stuffies, and books. He will be a well-entertained baby.

So a nice, big, family thank you to the in-laws for thinking of Mark, Andrew, and me all the way out here in Colorado. We had a great time with the baby shower in the box, the handmade cards were all adorable, and we'll send pictures of the nursery as soon as it's looking a bit more functional to show you how we've put your generous gifts to use.

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