Thursday, August 04, 2005

This Posting Lapse Brought to You By...

...the DDJ and More Fun With Braxton-Hicks. Our major client just finished up a three-day audit an hour ago. My life has been hell both last week and this week preparing and kowtowing to the auditors' every whim. I think we passed, so at least that should be some consolation. And the Braxton-Hicks I was experiencing last week developed the extra fun symptom of an interesting downward pressure on Monday. OB pulled my butt in ASAP again, and delighted me with the news that while the urinary tract infection has cleared out, the antibiotics used to treat it gave me a yeast infection that is making my uterus "irritable." I prefer "twitchy" because the twitchy uterus is making ME irritable. :) Hopefully once this latest infection clears up and the stress from the audit goes away, my uterus will be less irritable. More on the life lately this weekend when I have time to breathe again.


Andi said...

*hugs* Poor Kellie. I'm sorry things are being a pain.

The antibiotic-yeast infection chain is one of the reasons I HATE seeing the doctor about my UTIs. They pack such a hefty dose of antibiotics into me, and then I get a WORSE (well, same) problem than I started with.

You'd think, after all this time, they'd come up with a way to break up the chain a bit, wouldn't you?

Kellie said...

The craziest thing about this is that I wouldn't have had a clue about either the UTI or the yeast infection if it weren't for the doctor finding evidence of the two of them. My bod is going through so much that I just don't have any of the normal symptoms. I guess I should be grateful not to have the itchy pain and such, but mainly I'm just annoyed.

Once we get around to learning more from the genome, I think we'll be better able to tailor drugs to knock out specific bacterial infections in our bodies while leaving the healthy populations at their full strength. That's the hope, at least.