Monday, August 21, 2006

Best Medicine

The six days I spent in the hospital weren't fun for a number of reasons. But the best part of every day there was the few minutes each morning and evening when Mark brought Drew to say hi. I wasn't able to hold Drew at all (he's so curious and grabby that my IV wouldn't have lasted for a minute with him in my arms), and he was more interested at all the new sites than puzzling out who the crazy lady in the bed was. Still, I couldn't help but smile whenever I saw him.

Part of the reason I was so miserable the last two days of my stay was because I felt well enough to be home and wanted to be home so I could see more of my smiling guy and actually put my arms around him and hold him while he drank a bottle. The world of difference I felt between my last day and the hospital and my first full day at home was probably due almost entirely to Drew.

It was the hardest thing to spend all of last week at home and not keep Drew home with me, but doctor's order are doctor's orders, and there's no way I would've been able to get as much rest as I did if I had been chasing after the Drew Monster all last week.

We have lots of pictures of our little guy, but most of them are digital (the perils of having a digital camera and no printer). I wish we had printed more pictures so I could've put Drew's somewhat toothy grin on the little tray by my bed. Maybe that would've kept my fever's down or something. It certainly would've made me smile more.


Dad said...

I'm wondering if this episode of illness was some spirit's way of detering your description of the Purple Bus Ride from Hell...



Kellie said...

Well, I'm posting that in just a few minutes. So if something comes up between now and then, we'll know what said anonymous spirit is up to. :)