Monday, August 14, 2006

This Period of Silence Brought to You By: Urosepsis

OK, so why hasn't Kellie posted in over a week? Kellie was in the hospital from last Sunday until this past Saturday. Yup, six days. Fighting a kidney infection that had made its way into my bloodstream. And the little bacteria bugger was resistant to the first couple of antibiotics they tried, and then of course, I was allergic to the next couple on the list that would work. And on this went for six days.

I'll have a much more detailed report of the whole affair a bit later in the week (I've been ordered to take the week off and recover). Of course this latest round of medical bliss has completely wrecked my brand spanking new writing plan. But I do have some really good news that's come out of this bit of non-posting: Mark has a phone interview tomorrow with his top choice company. Send happy thoughts for him and maybe a few for my continued recovery, eh?

Regular blogging to resume next week.


Andi said...

Hope you feel better soon - get that rest.

Kellie said...

Thanks. Here's hoping my energy levels get back to normal before the weekend. It'd be nice to have a day or two of feeling like myself before I go back to work.