Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Mark's phone interview went well. Now it's back to a waiting game to see if they want an in-person interview. I'm thinking they will, but I'm not exactly the most objective person around. Mark's feeling a bit antsy now that he just has to wait. He really likes this company, really likes the positions they have open. This job encapsulates just about everything we're looking for in this job search for our family goals. That's a lot to be waiting for.

I'm trying my best to keep him calm and relaxed about it. It's hard, though, because I really want him to get this job so I don't have to work and we can settle into Arizona. But I'm setting that aside as best I can to keep him sane so he can still keep up the job search and follow-ups so we get him launched in his career. The point isn't to get the perfect job but the best job for his career that is available. But when that perfect job is sitting right there, and he's a step closer than he was toward getting it....

Keep sending those happy thoughts and keep those fingers crossed.

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