Monday, February 12, 2007

The Drewbinator

Drew is so physical, so kinetic. I don't know if all kids this age are, but he always has to be moving, doing. He'll slow down and settle for a book or a puzzle, but usually he's all about spatial exploration and frenetic energy. The downside to this is that he's discovering the world of throwing things, hitting things, and using his head as a blunt weapon. We're trying to give him more appropriate things to throw than blocks and other toys, and that does seem to have curbed the need to throw other things that don't bounce as well because, well, they weren't meant to be thrown. As for the hitting things and head-ramming...we're working on variations of the "time out" strategy because it seems very odd to spank a kid while you saying, "No hitting!"

Honestly, with the head-ramming, we're figuring one day he'll clock himself good by ramming something he shouldn't and that will take care of that. But that boy's head has proved particularly hard.


Andi said...

Small creatures seem to have amazingly sturdy skulls. I'm not sure how Necile hasn't given herself major brain damage yet, with how often she smacks it into things (her current favorite is jumping into the side of the hermit crab tank). She's fine, though, no matter how many times I cringe.

I wish my skull proved that resilient! *-*

Kellie said...

I know a few people who would say my head is just as hard as Drew's. :)