Monday, June 25, 2007

Kisses from Drewbie

The grandparents have noticed that Andrew is more shy and reserved when it comes to expressing affection. He doesn't dish out hugs and kisses the way some toddlers will. In fact, he's very particular about who holds him and when. I get most of my Drew snuggle time when he's just woken up in the morning or after a nap. He'll interact with you and wave to you and talk to you (usually he'll say "Bye" or "Uh-oh" as appropriate) and sometimes he'll reach up so you can pick him up (usually when he wants to see what's going on at Adult Level), but he doesn't just come up and hug or kiss you.

In fact, he's done that to me only once. Out of the blue one day, we were chillin' in the living room, and the Drew Monster just got up from where he was, walked across the room, planted a wet one on my lips, and then went right back to where he had been. I wouldn't be surprised if that was both the first and last time for that.

Nowadays, though, we can ask Drewbie for kisses and sometimes he'll be kind enough to give one. We usually have to be holding him anyway. We ask, "Got kisses for Momma?" And he'll either shake his head no (to which I respond, "Well, Momma's got kisses for you anyway!" and do those gobble-type kisses on his cheek and neck and arms that make him giggle and squirm) or he'll lean in and plant a wet one. Sometimes, just because he knows his power, when Daddy asks for kisses, Andrew will lean away from Daddy and toward me and give me a kiss. Daddy doesn't appreciate this.

I don't mind the kiss-shortage, though. The full-body melt of his morning and post-nap snuggles serves very well as a replacement.

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