Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Obligatory "Darn Those Fightin' Irish" Post

I'm told by my mother's Wolverine-loving significant other that I have been remiss in mentioning that Michigan did in fact pound the Irish last weekend. And, yes, the Irish did lose to Michigan State yesterday. The '07 Irish have indeed made Notre Dame history: this is the first time we've started 0-4 (and we could very likely go 0-8), and yesterday also marked the first time a team has ever come into our house and beat us five times in a row (*shakes fists at the Spartans*).

But I'm the wife of a man from Buffalo and life-long Bills fan. And I was a Bills fan in my own right years before I met him. I'm also a Cubs fan. And I was at Notre Dame for the beginning of our spectacular bowl game losses. Hell, I even went to one of them. I know how to shake off the ouch of this season and look for the positives (we finally scored an offensive touchdown yesterday! woo-hoo!).

So, yes, Michigan trounced the Irish. After they got stomped by Appalachain State, though, I find it telling that my mother's significant other would consider the Wolverine's beating of an Irish team ranked 104th (or lower, after yesterday) is gloat-worthy. We're the college football punching bag this year.


Anonymous said...

Kellie.....I feel your pain!!!!....Love Mom R.

Kellie said...

Rebuilding years do try the patience, don't they? :)

Anonymous said...

I think it's telling that loosing to a then 40th ranked team while an being an 88th ranked team isn't understood. Where's the respect for rivalry? Go Blue! moyher's significant other! :)

Kellie said...

Oh, I respect the rivalry. That's why I still chuckle at the loss to Appalachain State. :)