Monday, September 24, 2007

Opening a Can of Worms

We bought some cans of cat food the other day, and they instantly became Drewbie toys. He loves to stack them. He loves to slide them around on table tops. He loves to move them between his two favorite areas: the coffee table and the breakfast bar. Yesterday, he surprised his parents by stacking up the cans on the breakfast bar, climbing down the stool, walking over to the utensil drawer, and fishing out the can opener, which he then dragged back to the breakfast bar and played at opening the cans. He has rarely seen us use the can opener.

This morning, he showed off even more of his impressive smarts by digging out a bottle cap popper/can puncturing combo to work on the cans with.

Also, he's added "hot" to his verbal repertoire and "Bye, Daddy" to his list of crude sentence constructions, although our favorite was when, upon returning from a trip down to Tucson, I asked him (but was really asking Daddy) if he had pooed today. The Drew Monster's answer: "Oh, yeah!"

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