Thursday, February 21, 2008

Recently Achieved Milestones

Another hastily assembled group of things for your perusal. This time, they are happenings of note.

  • This blog has been chugging along for five years as of last Wednesday.

  • This blog has something along the lines of 1045 posts now. (I completely missed the 1000-post threshold. I may go back and figure out which one turned the counter over.)

  • I'm all booked for my first ever Writing Retreat in Inspiring Locales. Thanks to all of the hotel stays I've done for the DDJ, I racked up an insane number of reward points through Marriott and was able to treat myself completely free to a night at a beautiful Resort & Spa in the Tucson Mountains. That's Stage One of my Retreat. Stage Two is a night in the Sunglow Ranch in the Chiracahua Mountains that I mentioned back in September. This bliss of solo writing time and me-indulgence the likes of which I'd love to repeat annually but will likely have to make do with "in a couple of years" is all set for March 14-16. It won't be completely me-time as I've got to go to a doctor's appointment in Tucson before I can check-in to the resort.

  • Drew woke me up at 5:15 this morning for something rather momentous: he decided it was time to pee in the potty. Of course, he hasn't shown any interest for the rest of today in repeating this remarkable feat, but I have high hopes for more morning forays into the world of Potty Training.

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