Monday, June 27, 2005

Fodder for the Page

There are times when I wish I had a flashing neon sign or sign crawl over my head that went something like, " WARNING: I am a writer. Anything you do and say can and will be used in works of fiction." This should be played as part of my phone message, too. If nothing else, the number of stupid things I have to witness might diminish. Slightly.

For several weeks, every Wednesday evening, our phone would ring, I would answer (I generally answer the phone, Mark being more toward the shy side of these sorts of things), and the caller would immediately hang up. It was a strange pattern, one that really piqued my curiosity. So I had Mark answer the phone a couple Wednesdays ago instead. Sure enough, a woman asked for the man who had our number previously (two YEARS previously, mind you), Mark did the basic "wrong number" thing, and we have not had the mysterious hang-up caller since. I'm thinking old flame, ex-lover looking to reunite, something. The writer mind is furiously coming up with ideas for this repeat caller's actions. Of course, it could all be coincidence, but you just don't DO things like that around a writer. We go nuts with this stuff.

Similarly, I was at the OB's office again for yet another ugent, unplanned appointment (dizziness and really, really bad faint spells that seem to be the worst first thing in the morning at work--nothing wrong with me according to bloodwork, urinalysis, blood pressure, etc, just likely pregnancy's fun increase of fluid in the body is exacerbating my previously annoying dizziness issues), and the OB (not my new one, but a different one) kept checking herself out in the mirror on the back of the exam room's door while chatting with me. Of course, this gets me looking at this chick's appearance, thinking about her morning pampering routine, if she's always catching glimpses in mirrors, what others around her have noticed. In short, I'm trying to piece together a psychological profile.

You gotta be careful what you do and say around writers. We're always considering new material, and it could be you. :)


Joel said...

You sound like me. But I tell people that I'm a writer and don't be surprised if your conversation/personality/appearance/story appears in some form or another in one of my books.

Then they REALLY give me the juicy details ;)

Kellie said...

Heh. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame. :)

fiftytwo said...

Brilliant anecdote. You're right. It all goes in and then comes out after, well, I don't know what happens to it all. People should be wary.

Kellie said...

They should be especially wary when I start actively looking for interesting things around me. That's when I get really dangerous.