Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Happy Birthday to ME!! :)

Yay, I'm 27 today. Sounds older than I feel, especially because for the most part during the pregnancy, I've felt so young, like I can't possibly be ready for a kid. Baby the Second should be around before I hit 30 or shortly thereafter, which is exactly the time frame I always wanted for having kids. But man, it still seems way too young mentally. Physically it actually seems a little old. This is confusing!

My birthday gift? The DDJ is struggling. I may be looking at another layoff. And I do consider this a gift--as long as they wait until at least Sept 15th before they give me the axe. Then I'll have five to six months of unemployment benefits with which to not only find a better job but to spend as much time with Andrew as possible! And the money might not be as tight as you would think because as long as the unemployment lasts is as long as we don't have to mess with daycare costs. But we're a few months from knowing if things are as dire as layoffs. Really feels weird to be rooting for unemployment again. Knowing my luck, though, they'll keep me and fire everyone else so my workload goes from the two jobs it is now to four. *sigh*

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