Saturday, July 09, 2005

Home Makeover

We cleaned out a couple closets, shuffled some furniture around, and freed up space for Andrew's crib and other assorted nursery furniture. Of course, we don't have said furniture as yet, but it's good to know we have the space for it. The one unfortunate consequence of all the reorganization was having to put this computer, our on-line computer shoved up in the corner of our bedroom right next to my side of the bed. Doesn't look all that grand, but it fits, it allows Mark to play his poker on-line whenever he wants without having to time it around Andrew's naps, and did I mention it freed up a lot of space in the study/nursery? Sigh. We'll get used to it. Afterall, it's still a lot better than the strange partitioning and furniture arrangements we had in the studio we first lived in together. Of course, I'm just eager to start filling all that great space we freed up with Drew's things. It's sort of the last domino to fall in realizing that, yes, I really will be a mother with a newborn in a few short months.


Anonymous said...

Hello Miss (or should I say Mrs?) Kellie.

Time for a Ramsteiner blast from the past (don't you just love google?). (you can check out the first blog post for a quick update on what I've been up to, as well as my email addy)

Would have simply shot you an invite, but the email you have posted bounced back when I tried to send a Friendster invite to it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and congrats on the soon to be larger family. :)

That kinda blows my mind, frankly.

Andi said...

Have you guys registered anywhere, yet? *-*

Why is rearranging furniture to gain more space always so much fun? It's not like you're ever really gaining anything (you're just moving it), but that expanse of open floor is just too exciting for words. *-*

Joel said...

I forgot that 'Drew' is a nickname for Andrew. Have to add to my character name notebook.

How's your writing coming along?

Kellie said...

Michael! My trenchcoated, mysterious poet of yore who likes to give Nazi bitch slaps for dramatic purposes! I never thought I'd join Friendster, but since you and the Gimp are on it, I'm game. Watcha been up to? I would send you a Friendster message, but you've snobbishly chosen to accept that stuff only from people you've listed as "close connections". Will I ever make it into your inner circle? :)

Andi, we're registered at Babies R Us. Dangerous store, that.

Joel, yup. "Drew" is our nickname of choice for Andrew. And before Michael can ask, no, he's not named for a certain Drew we knew back at RHS.

Anonymous said...

Doh. I'll actually go ahead and change that.

A relic of back when I didn't trust Friendster and was assuming that it was some devious plot to spam me (and when I joined just to keep a now VERY ex-girlfriend happy).

Not that it matters as much, since you did indeed join. :)

Now you just need a picture, to invite ANYONE else you know from RAHS (I've lost EVERYONE I had tracked down over the years besides those I found in NYC (gimpy, roy) or on Friendster/google). I actually spent a depressing hour or so the other day (since I found an archive of emails from the first half of undergrad, meaning that I have most folks freshman-year school email) sending off emails to people like Kerr, Root, etc and watching them bounce back (as expected... We did bloody graduate from undergrad half a decade ago) one by one...

Since we Ramsteiners don't have a hometown to get back to, sites like this (which I originally avoided as being lame ways for teenagers to date or whatever the hell the young kids do these days ;)) are quite awesome for keepin' track on everyone. Even if your house burns down you can still contact everyone through Friendster and get current emails/phone #'s. :)

Oh, and the basics of what I've been up to can be found in the first post of the pseudo-blog I started on Friendster the other day. I figured if I'm on a mission to hunt down long-lost compatriots, I might as well have a quick way for them to know what I've been up to for the last (wow) 9 years.


Kellie said...

Yup, next year is the big 10 since that hot June day in 96. I know the Class of 95 is doing some sort of get together in Colorado Springs this summer, so chances are that there's something in the works for us. Also, I can get you in touch with Kerr, but not Root, which is either surprising or not so considering I dated her brother for a couple of months in 98.

I'll check out your bloggy-thingie and drop you a line.

Anonymous said...

You naughty thing, you. :p And yhea, not that surprising. She was so close with her brother that I'm not shocked if she got uber-protective. You heartbreaker. ;)

Any other Ramsteiner's you're in touch with? Divulge your address book to me. Do it now! ;)

Oh, and

I also use trillian, so lemme know if you use an IM program, as I can technically use all of them.

I feel silly carrying on an entire conversation in blog comments. :)