Wednesday, July 06, 2005

These Dreams

There are a few long-shot possibilities that would allow me to not have to work after Drew is born. And I do mean long-shot. On a whim, I decided to write down those possibilities. It's one of those visualization things. You know, one of those 'if you build it he will come' kind of things. (By the way, I despise that movie; not as much as It's a Wonderful Life, but damn close.) Our chances at living the dream of stay-at-home motherhood are as follows:

1. I get a publishing contract
2. Mark wins a poker tournament
3. Mark's research moves flawlessly and quickly toward a super finish and he gets a scientist position before the end of the year

We actually have the least control over the last one, if you can believe it. Mark's doing everything he can and more to get his thesis project to the finish line. Now it's just a matter of things going the way they're supposed to in test tubes. And I know all too well how fickle science can be.

While I don't have anything near ready to send out for an agent or publication, I will try my luck at an "American Idol" spoof that a local writers org is putting together. Three minutes of reading aloud followed by Simon-esque critiques from a panel of experienced/in-the-buisness judges. Grand prize gets a special look at their work by Donald Maass. Not a publishing guarantee, and even a publishing contract would have to be at least a $15,000 advance (possible, if it comes in the form of a 3-book contract at the rate of $5,000 per book--a plausible scenario for a first time author with a series to pitch) in order to give us the dream. But the only risk to me is the $15 entry fee and a possibly bruised ego depending on what the judges say. These are not new risks, and it's not like I'm going to have to spend gobs of time writing something or preparing something. Just got to polish a scene from SoD, practice reading it aloud, and steel myself for an unknown reaction.

Mark had been planning to start looking into the actual gambling websites now that he's done very well and learned a ton with the free poker sites and the local gambling town. He's very savvy with money and knows exactly what he can afford to risk without affecting Drew's savings, the rent, and the bills. And if not having movie money for a month means that Mark can win a big pot and let me stay at home and raise our son, I say bring on the evenings at home!

Of course, if there's a benefactor out there looking to off-load a big chunk of change, we certainly wouldn't be adverse to that either. Just be sure to put "Drew's Parenting Fund" in the subject of the email so I don't delete you as a spammer. Or perhaps "Drew's Daddy Warbucks" would be a more appropriate subject? I'll be checking my email every hour for those generous donations, oh wealthy philanthropist. :)


Joel said...

Let us know how all these games turn out.

Andi said...

You mean science itself isn't enough of a poker game for Mark? *-*

Kellie said...

Joel, if we get any one of these scenarios to play out, the world will know. :)

Andi, if there were more money involved, maybe... :)