Tuesday, July 05, 2005

My Son the Altimeter

Andrew knows his elevations. When we went up to Blackhawk (Elevation 8056 ft) a couple of weeks ago, Drew slowed his kicks and punches to the 10 movements in 2-4 hours the pregnancy books tell you is normal. A few days after we returned, he resumed his usual 10 movements in 5 minutes that is his normal.

So I guess I should've expected that going to Chicago this weekend (Elevation 500 ft) would slow Drew down too. This time, his normal activity came back within hours after we landed in Denver (Elevation Mile High, give or take). Unfortunately, his decrease in movement meant that my mother wasn't able to feel a whole lot of kickin'. She'll just have to settle for seeing Drew kick those legs when he's finally free of my holding pen.

On a related note, I've discovered the joys of swollen ankles. They looked particularly disgusting this weekend as too much activity and a lower elevation through my body out of whack. Now is the time of evenings spent with my feet propped up. I'm very happy I have a laptop.

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