Friday, December 22, 2006

BSG "Season" Finale

After reading this, I've realized that my rants about the science and medicine of BSG are really very tame. I think part of the problem with her own experience of Season 1 is that she was very aware of the thematic stuff and current events relevance. I purposefully ignored that aspect of the show until the theme-bludgeoning became too great to pretend it wasn't there (happened a couple of times in Season 2, and has thankfully stopped after the first handful of Season 3 eps). Would that I could've ignored the 20th-century medicine in an FTL world.

Besides the medicine and the occasional theme-bludgeoning, the commercialization bugs me the most. Particularly how last Friday was the "season" finale, even though the "new season" eps start back up in January. This means we'll always be shelling out $40 or $50 for 10 eps on DVD, whereas you can get full 20 eps seasons of other shows for the same price, maybe $10 more. All because the show is a critical darling because of the theme-bludgeoning.

The other thing that's starting to irk me is the flawed characters that everyone else seems to love and celebrate as real examples of living, breathing human beings. I look at Starbuck and hear her "marriage is a sacrament" logic as to why she can fuck around but not get divorced and wonder why we have to propogate some of those flaws into our fiction. I also look at some of the other flawed decisions and hear the critics talk about how "these characters are just like the people I know" and wonder what sort of group the rest of the world seems to be hangin' with.

As I was reading the above-linked screed, I kept trying to figure out how I would respond to explain why I still watch and supposedly enjoy the show. I'm really not sure. Apollo's not that hot.

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