Monday, December 11, 2006

Drew's First 'Do

We had to cut the Drew Monster's hair last week. It was falling into his eyes, covering his ears, and getting stuck in his shirt collars. Rather than pay $10 for the privelege of getting a two-minute professional cut, we decided to take scissors into our own hands.

I wish we had a different computer set up so we could share the before and after. Let's just say that Drew found the whole process very intriguing and kept turning his head to see what it was Momma was doing. The first snips, of course, were very uneven. So I had to even things out. And even some more things out.

The poor kid is all forehead now.

Even so, he's just as adorable as ever, though the haircut makes him look a little different. We kept a lock of his hair, but I really don't know what we'll do with it. I'm not into that scrapbooking stuff. I've tried to start it up a bit with Andrew, but I haven't touched it since the first weekend or two I played with it. I'm sure we'll find a place that works. And I think we'll be taking him to the pros for the next one.


Andi said...

There are lockets you can get that are specifically designed to hold a lock of hair. My mom had one or two, and it's kept in the jewelry box with our lost baby teeth (why she still has those is beyond me).

Kellie said...

Thanks! I'll look into that.