Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Where in the World was Kellie Hazell: The Conclusion

As this is the last Tuesday of 2006 and all my uncovered European Adventures memories are starting to get more and more dim, I thought it would be best to officially close the "Where in the World" feature. I certainly had fun sharing my experiences as a military brat in Europe, and I hope you enjoyed reading them. I recommend checking out the comments section where applicable because my father from time to time would add in his own thoughts on the trips and/or correct any misrememberings/misconceptions on my part.

One thing I found interesting was the overall "tone" I carry with me regarding particular trips and locales I visited. It's not something I've sat down and pondered until now, and it's a shame that I waited ten years since I left the continent to really catalog my impressions of Europe. Still, I'm glad I did, and I wanted to thank you for indulging me in my nostalgia and half-remembered accounts of a child's & teenager's view of foreign lands.

As for my next semi-regular feature, I believe it shall be about the new house. We close on Jan 11th, and I'd like to remind myself of the insanity of becoming a first-time homeowner at some point in the future. So next Tuesday, join me for "Our First Home."

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