Saturday, January 06, 2007

Countdown Check-in

By this time next week, we should have all of our stuff in our new place (with oh, about 90% of it still in boxes or in the garage, but it will be in our house). We'll be doing the (hopefully) last bit of painting while the Drew Monster sleeps in his crib in his room (which will receive its coat of "Endless Sky" on Thursday night).

It's gonna be a marathon week.

I'll be in Colorado Monday and Tuesday. I scheduled this trip on purpose because I need to be out there earlier in the month rather than later and no way in hell was I going to be traveling just after a move like I did in October. The only way traveling just prior to a move is going to work is due to the fact that nearly everything it packed up and ready to go. The stuff that's not will either be in use until next Saturday or will get packed up tonight after I finish dithering with the blog.

I have to be my mother's chauffer the in the mornings on Thursday and Friday so I can have a car with which to buy necessities for the house for that evening (toilet paper will more than likely come in handy) and so I can actually, I don't know, get to the house so they can give me my keys. (There's apparently a big song and dance that goes with the giving of the keys. I'm sure I'll snark it creditably in an Our First Home post.)

Friday I need the car so I can once again get to the house (we're not going to have our beds to sleep in it until next Saturday; no time to move the furniture until then; well, no time to move those bits of furniture when the Drew Monster isn't sleeping in one of said pieces of furniture until Saturday). This is to have our internet installed. We have to do this microwave broadband thingy since our development is far enough from the main part of town that high-speed internet isn't available yet. After we get the internet installed, it's off to get groceries for the house so we can actually eat there by next Saturday. More painting that night.

Saturday will be the truly insane portion as we'll be shuttling our stuff in my mother's truck and trailer and in our car from her place to ours. Keep your fingers crossed that my mother's back and/or my wrists don't trick out that day.

But we did the most important thing today. No, not talking about buying and arranging for the delivery of 20 tons of Grande Rose 1/2" rock (that'll be a particularly interesting Our First Home post once we have to haul said tonnage into our backyard and scatter it appropriately). Today, Mark and I picked up a bottle of wine and some nice cheese to toast the new place Thursday evening before, during, and after we paint. We just have to remember to buy cups, plates, plastic utensils, and a corkscrew to make sure we can actually imbibe instead of stare at the treats as if they were still art.

My internet presence may be spotty this week.

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