Friday, January 05, 2007

More SciFi Wierdness

I'm confuzzled. Battlestar Gallactica will be returning for a new season in a couple of weeks, making their break from the last "season" a whopping month. However, SG-1 and Atlantis won't be coming back from their mid-season break (which started in September/October) until April. What is SciFi doing with their line-up? I liked the fall break set up. But it seems like their going to stop that. Particularly because the second half of Atlantis's third season will be finishing up just a few weeks before the start of its fourth season in July (if they're going to keep to the same summer start like they used to). Oh, and Eureka won't be starting its second 13-ep season until May. WTF?

I suppose it makes sense to start SG-1 later, especially if they've already started filming these movies that are supposed to appease the fans instead of continuing the series. If they've got a movie ready to go by the end of the last ten eps, then that's going to mean better viewership for the movie. If the movie wasn't going to be around for a few months after the series "concluded," then interest is going to flag in the more casual viewer.

But why delay Atlantis? Are the two shows intertwined in those last ten eps? Do they hope that they can do the same sort of (hypothetical) thing as the SG-1 movies by trying to keep the more casual, I'm only here because this show's between SG-1 and BSG viewership with back to back seasons?

SciFi's just making my head hurt a lot lately.

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