Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Our First Home: Buying the Paint

On Saturday, Mark and I did our own walk through of the new house. He's not going to be there for the official walk through tomorrow, and I wanted to make sure his eagle eyes had inspected everything as well. More on that next week.

On Saturday, we also bought all of our paint and painting supplies. We also bought our washing machine (my mom's giving us her old dryer). We are so very excited. We'll be painting the night of the 11th and the night of the 12th. Hopefully we'll get it finished those two nights, maybe bleeding out onto the night of the 13th.

Let me just take a moment to note the colors we picked: Dried Chervil (a lovely green for our bedroom), Endless Sky (a great blue for Drew's room), Comforting (a "comforting" brown for the family room), and Baked Biscotti (a sliverish beige cream for our formal living room, which will feature our cool space prints). And we're nabbing the extra paint my mom had after they painted their house (lavender for my writing room and a quirky magenta for the laundry closet). I'm curious to see how they'll turn out. I'm also curious to see how long it takes me to despise painting, as I'm told that's the usual reaction. I'm just too excited about personalizing a house in this way.

One last thing to note about our paint purchasing excursion was how Drewbie helped us shop. The poor guy was quite restless so we were letting him wander through the show floor and the appliance area. He happened to find the rack of heating elements and burner trays. Wanting to participate in the experience, the Drew Monster picked up a heating element, toddled his way back to our cart, and hurled that sucker into the cart. He repeated this four times. We didn't have the heart to tell Drew that our new stove is one of those electric surface jobs, so we didn't need heating elements. We just quietly removed the elements from the cart and returned them to the rack.


Andi said...

I don't know, I actually like painting. *-* It's relaxing - smooth, repetitive movement. If they could make paint odorless, it'd be perfect. Or maybe it's just that I like having control over decorating that makes it enjoyable.

Anything to do with wallpaper is an entirely different story.

Kellie said...

Yeah. Death to wallpaper!