Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Days, They Are So Long

Ugh. Barely managed to bleed 238 words out of myself tonight. I have either been wiped out physically or out of sorts mentally this entire week by the time evening comes around. Tuesday I so needed a break from being a functioning member of my family that I booked out shortly after Mark came home to grab dinner and a showing of Iron Man (pretty good flick, but not so good in this viewer's opinion so as to warrant all the geeky fuss I've seen about it). Last night I stared blankly at the computer for a half hour before I realized I needed to get to bed. And tonight, I figured out another chunk of this scene, but then my brain said, "Stop. Full stop."

Gah. On the plus side, the last few chapters are fleshing out in my mind more and more to the point where the writing of them should be fast. I'm figuring out another level of my process here, so expect a post on that soon. And I've got a couple of other posts knocking around in my head that should be more entertaining than my usual fare. So watch this space!

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