Sunday, June 08, 2008

Progress: Finally, A Crazy Action Scene

Deadline: June 30, 2008??
Today's words: 2,592
Total words: 76,503 (33,503)

Musical stylings: Aes Dana and Collide
Munchies: Cranberries and chipotle-lime cashews

Researched via Quickie Wiki or the Google Boogie: I used my internets for good, old-fashioned procrastinating today
Mean Things: Lying computers, arguing with a stranger in front of friends, leading friends to believe you're about to commit suicide when you'll do no such thing
Placeholder of the day: Pretty much all of the last 1000 words is based on information that I realized 500 words in that I hadn't yet introduced, so I'm going to have to retcon that; not really a placeholder, but in that same vein

Physical therapy contortions: My right wrist has been in agony all day despite the bundling, and now my left hip is screaming. I migth forego the contortions today.

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