Monday, June 02, 2008

Please Excuse This Girly and Shallow Moment

This pic of Wil Wheaton reminds me why I got all starry-eyed for the pre-Academy (and that one Academy ep) Wesley Crusher. I have a sudden urge to write very bad Mary-Sue-ridden TNG fanfic along the lines of the daydreams I had when Riker caught my eye as I got a little older and Wesley grew up and completed his arc in the show. Wesley with a toned-down Riker beard looking all svelt and coming back with shadows and danger in his eyes from wherever the show wrote him (I remember something about a pale guy in engineering and stripey invisibility stuff, but that's about it; my fannishness is so pure, yes).

OK, time to get back to the depth and purity of my regular blog entries.

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