Monday, June 09, 2008

My Do!

Drew's been asserting his independence from inside the womb, and now that he's expanding his vocabulary, he's telling us he's independent. The first version of this was to tell us "No!" as one of his first words. Now, when there's a task to be done that he either wants to do by himself or participate along with Momma or Daddy, he'll say, "My do!" It really is one of the cutest phrases he's got at the moment.

Of the things he's insisted on doing himself or making Momma or Daddy shove aside so he can try his turn: trimming his fingernails, washing the dishes, cutting vegetables, putting on his shirt, putting on a bandaid, starting the car, closing the garage, and (in one very entertaining moment) changing his diaper.

Of course, as is the case with most of his vocabulary, he's intent on sharing the experience--or just turning the tables to make Momma and Daddy do something on his terms (yeah, like that's something that never happens). After trying his hand at something and either not wanting to do it anymore or thinking it looks like fun that he has to share, he'll say to Momma or Daddy, "Your do!"

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