Saturday, September 06, 2003

Close Call

Well, the Irish squeaked out a win for their season opener. I'm not your typical Notre Dame alum. I only froth slightly at the mouth when I watch games now - as opposed to the full-on rabid mania most seem to sport. Hell, I haven't even been back to ND for a game since I graduated. And I don't make it a point to watch every single game, either. In fact, I didn't bother to plan my wedding around ND's schedule, like a lot of other alums I've heard. I did remember to ask one of my college buddies at the reception if we had won, but that was about it. I'm really glad NBC plays all their home games. It's a chance for me to fumble down memory lane a good six times every fall. I find the thing I miss the most while watching the games is the big special meal in the dining halls. They rolled out all the good stuff for the after-game candlelight buffet. I'm still salivating a little thinking about it. I think it might be time for dinner.

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