Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Another Fun Message from the Stars

Astrology.com provides some strange horoscopes. I've already documented the whole "extraterrestrial intelligence" mentions. And now they're getting all analytical.

While it's great that you have your own solid set of beliefs and code of ethics, it isn't so marvelous that you want to preach to everyone else. Having strong faith in yourself or a righteous cause is one thing, Gemini, but trying to get other people to believe what you believe may be stepping over the line. Close friends and family members might be used to your pontifications, but take it easy around strangers and people you meet in a professional setting. There's a proper time and place for 'spreading the word,' and this isn't it.

I've actually done a pretty good job at fighting my Pontificating Habit (hehe). And I've especially cooled it down around strangers and colleagues who aren't "friends". I think. I hope. I usually reserve my "snits" for the people that (a) want to hear them (waves to Peg), (b) have no choice in the matter (waves to Mark), or (c) read my work (waves to a lot of people who may or may not have seen the rant about ethics and research in HD - theme can be hard to find and agree on).

The one area I'm really need to work on this still is critique groups. Most of the regulars are used to my theatrics and speeches. In fact, they often find them entertaining, even if only in a "Youth can be amusing" sort of way. But I'm sure I step on toes and feelings in my crit group tirades. I've been able to limit them, but they still happen. And I really don't think I'll ever stop them. They're fun, they're lively, and they're me. I try hard to let the gang know that it's nothing personal, I just happen to be worked up about something. Or that they inadvertantly pushed a button (waves to Linda C, who hit a huge button one week and then a smaller but still volatile one the next). And I'm really trying to cool the dramatic tendencies when it comes to responding to a pushed button in my crit groups. We'll see how successful I am.

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