Friday, October 29, 2004

Is It November 2nd Yet?

It's really getting annoying to come home and find the answering machine blinking, get all excited that there are *gasp* FOUR messages, and then hear such tin-can pre-recorded salutations as "Hi, this is Al Gore" or "Do you care about stopping domestic violence" or "Hi, this is George Bush". I've never had so many messages on my answering machine in my life. And they all get deleted within seconds. I'm beginning to wonder if it was such a smart idea to sign up on the national No-Call list. How else are all these people getting our number? So it's not OK for telemarketers to call us during dinner, but it's perfectly legal for the government to take that list and spam our ansering machines? Election Day won't come soon enough. Especially now that a couple candidates have taken to standing at some big commuter intersections during rush hours. They don't get in the way, but my drive to work and back home is one of the few times where I can let my brain just go on automatic and ponder writing issues and other entertaining things. I do NOT like having that time interrupted by a candidate doing the standard wave and smile as I pass by, and seeing his cronies waving signs and such.

By the way, Colorado is so much a swing state, that the rest of the country can't seem to agree on whether or not we really are a swing state. One day Kerry and Bush are all about Colorado and courting our votes, and the next they're off to Ohio, each thinking our vote's in the bag. This is nuts.

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