Monday, October 18, 2004


Ugh. I really don't like having a week go by and I've only posted once. It's just hard to find the time to blog at work, especially since I'm now in a fishbowl of a cube and all sorts of people can see what I'm doing on the computer. And my evening time is reserved for writing and Mark. I do need to start getting into the habit of blogging on the weekends, though. And maybe start an entry first thing in the morning at work and then work on it throughout the day in little spurts. I'll try.

It might not work, though, seeing as how Mark and I just started this little "story by sentence" email exchange. So my extra "quick non-working" time has been tied up in that - today at least. I don't know about Mark, but I'm having a blast. This is what he gets when he confesses a past inclination to write down story ideas and play with them a bit before they fizzled out. I gave him a notebook that he's to carry around with him for sudden inspiration (but he left it at home this morning, silly sleepy husband), and I also tossed him my copy of The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. I just finished the book yesterday. He's already realized that the required Morning Pages are going to be impossible for him to do. He may just have to make them "Evening Pages". I also gave him the NaNoWriMo link. Can you just see me cackling with evil glee at having converted my husband to my own writerly ways? :)

But I do promise to try harder with my blogging. Honest.

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