Monday, October 03, 2005

Andrew in Progress

Went in for my due date check-up this morning. Still had high blood pressure, but this time the amniotic fluid levels were on the low side. Doc decided might as well induce. That was at 11:30 this morning. Right now, I'm three hours into a prostaglandin treatment and experiencing contractions that hopefully are taking me from the 2cm I was this morning into something more productive. No idea how long this will take or how much more "fun" it's going to get. So far, the worst part about this experience was getting an IV in me and taking some blood. My veins haven't been cooperating for the past three weeks. I got stuck eight times today in order to get the blood and the IV going. Didn't enjoy it.

Well, this here 'puter is the only one for L&D, so I'm going to hop back off. Wish me luck, say a prayer, and think happy birthing thoughts. The next post will be Drew's big announcement.


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Kati! I am thinking of you and wishing good contractions your way! Erin is being induced tomorrow, and you had better hang out and wiat until after midnight, SNARF.

Doris said...

Gosh, looks like I'm a little late. I'm guessing by now Andrew has arrived (at least I hope so for your sake). I hope it went well and everyone is healthy.

Andi said...

I hope Drew has arrived by now, so I won't lecture you on being up when you should be RESTING. *-*

Looking forward to hearing about his arrival, sweetie.