Sunday, October 02, 2005

Fate Wasn't Tempted

We thought we'd be smart and tempt fate this weekend. Made plans to see Serenity last night, figuring Drew and Murphy would conspire to make my water break half-way through the flick. Nope. Which is OK, because I really wanted to see all the movie and I got to. Excellent, excellent flick, by the way. Go. See. Now.

So, still no Andrew. And our clever ruses to get him out don't seem to be working. Annoying little runt. Let's come out soon, kid. Daddy and I are getting a might bit impatient.


Andi said...

When you're expecting something to happen, it never does - you know that. *-* When you least expect it (and are likely completely unprepared for it), he'll decide to show up.

Kellie said...

Problem is, now that it's my due date, I expect it every day. :(