Friday, September 30, 2005

Bargaining Power

At last we finally have something to entice Andrew to leave his comfy, responsibility-free dwelling. His first trip. Mark and I won free airline tickets last night. On a whim, we decided to grab dinner at a local fast food place. For some reason, Mark ordered a large drink rather than the usual medium that we split and refill as often as necessary. The cup had a game piece on it, which neither of us would've noticed if the cashier hadn't mentioned it. I pulled off the piece and read "Winner: 2 domestic airline tickets!" I didn't think much of it, since I never win those things, and figured we'd have to sign up to redeem on-line--but only after agreeing to buy Napster for a year or some other such restrictions. But, no, we really won one of ten airline ticket prizes (odds of winning it are something like 1 in 23,000). Well, I should say we potentially won it. The sweepstakes folks have to verify our eligibility and blah, blah, blah.

How does this figure into Drew's imminent arrival? Simple. We made a deal. We told Drew that if he gets my water to break no later than before I leave my due date check-up at the doctor's on Monday, then he can come with us wherever we decide to go. If there's no water breakage by the time I leave the doctor Monday morning, then it'll be a nice Mommy and Daddy trip and Drew will stay at home. It's up to him. :)


Mama Rose said...

Getting a bit desperate to get that kid born, huh? Good luck. And congrats on winning the tickets. Plan on a trip for two. First kids are notoriously late arrivers. lol


Kellie said...

I wouldn't be so desperate if they didn't make me jump through so many hoops with each doc visit to make sure I'm OK. Bloodwork is really annoying when they can never find your veins.

Andi said...

That's great! *-*

Are there limits of when you can use the tickets that you wouldn't be able to take him along if you went later? Or are you really enjoying the idea of water breaking at 10,000 feet? *-*

Kellie said...

Guess I should clarify: the tickets won't even get to us for at least another month, and then we have a year to use them. We're thinking of trips during Summer 2006 at the earliest. :)