Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Neil Gaiman observes that SF seems to be most spot-on with predictions when the work in question is not regarded as SF. Seeing as how Human Dignity was accused of not being SF by several a few years ago, I'm worried. Granted, I wrote the damn thing because I thought we were heading that way, and I wanted to do the young, naive, maybe the world will listen to this, warning thing. Maybe if HD never gets published, I'll never have to sit through the "this isn't SF" discussions that will keep me awake at night, wondering just how often Neil Gaiman's observation comes about.


Andi said...

I think people really need to be careful when throw labels around, because you honestly never know. My science fiction novel, Tiger, Tiger started out as completely ridiculous...and now several events I came up with have come true. *~* Nothing like finding out a dreamed up nightmare is real to make you set a book aside for fear of what you might write next.

Things just change so much, that I think people really need to be careful when they say something is or isn't a certain genre - especially science fiction.

Kellie said...

It was very telling to me that it was the amatuer writers at the conference yammering away about whether my book was SF or not, but the editor from Tor merely shrugged and said "Of course it is." And then sort of brushed it off like the label didn't matter anyway, it was the book itself that should have the focus. Seemed the better attitude.