Thursday, September 08, 2005

Good Job, Drew

Had my Week 36 check-up yesterday. (Holy cow, where in the world has the time gone? And why won't the next four weeks go faster? :)) Andrew is head down, facing my back, just like he's supposed to be. And it turns out that my cervix is 50-80% effaced and I'm about a centimeter dilated. Granted, I can stay like this for weeks without any further changes, but it's still a good sign for an early delivery--especially since I've worked to that centimeter in the ten days since I was in the hospital for the stomach stuff. And I was only 30-50% effaced then. If labor starts now, they won't stop it. We're in the home stretch. The little suitcase for the hospital is mostly packed (there's a few small things we need to purchase yet and toss in there), the nursery is fairly well set up (pictures are being developed and should be posted in the next week or two), we've got a coupon for diapers at Costco that's valid as of this weekend (yeah for bulk buying), all the paperwork is filled out, our car seat will be OK'd by the fire department next week, and there's a big used baby gear sale in a couple weeks to help us snag some more stuff we need at low, low prices. It's all up to Drew and my bod now. My son seems to know what he's doing, at least. Hopefully my bod will catch on.


Andi said...

Wow, is it really that close? *-* You must be so excited! (Or is that relieved?)

You guys definitely sound ready to go - which is fantastic (oh, we all know I'm a plan-ahead, organization freak - this isn't such a weird comment to make *-*). I can't wait to see pictures of the nursery!

Kellie said...

Well, "so close" could turn into another five or even six weeks of waiting. Of course, my son wouldn't do that to me. :)

Look for the nursery pics this weekend.

Joel said...

OMG. Time's flying.

Support vibes being sent double-time.

Kellie said...

Thanks, Joel. Let's hope that time continues to fly until he's in my arms for the first time. Then it can slow way the heck down while I'm on maternity leave. :)