Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Meme Time

Joel tagged me again. Time for the Seven Things Meme.

Seven Things I Plan to Do Before I Die
  • Visit Alaska & Hawaii

  • Take Mark to see where I grew up in Europe

  • Raft the Colorado River, particularly the Grand Canyon segment

  • Visit Greece & Egypt & Australia

  • RV with Mark around North America, seeing the sights and annoying Andrew and Baby the Second in their adulthood, spoiling their children

  • Write all the books and stories sitting in my head

  • Get at least one of said books or stories published

  • Seven Things I Can Do
  • Write and revise a novel

  • Sing without making dogs howl

  • Dance without killing myself or innocent bystanders

  • Explain my master's thesis ("Purification and Analysis of DCHQ Dioxygenase") and many other complicated scientific concepts in terms anyone can understand

  • Sing the jingles for all the service announcements I grew up watching instead of commercials on the Armed Forces Network

  • Understand, write, and speak German--to various degrees of success

  • Describe what the former East Germany and East Berlin were like and what it was like to live in Germany when the Wall came down

  • Seven Things I Can't Do
  • Read Tolkien (love his stories, can't get through a page of his storytelling style in less than ten minutes)

  • Understand Reality TV (nor do I think I want to)

  • Draw anything more complicated than a stick figure

  • See a spider without squirming

  • Understand electromagnetics (I hope to try a community college course at some point and see if I can't remedy this one day)

  • Live in the Midwest

  • Successfully make a French Silk Chocolate Pie without my mother or one of my grandmother's watching

  • Seven Things that Attract Me
  • Real smiles

  • Real laughter

  • Great arms

  • Brains

  • Sense of humor

  • Empathy

  • Integrity

  • Seven Things that I Say Most Often
  • Make exaggerations involving the number 5 (I've got about 500 hundred things to do today, etc)

  • Get up, lazy butt (Mark is not much of a morning person)

  • Yes'm (I'm not sure why, but people have started calling me Miss Kellie at work, and "Yes'm" became my reply)

  • October 3rd (Gee, wonder why)

  • Gotta love it (said in response to some of the more endearing things that happen at the DDJ)

  • Hmmm...I can't come up with any more than five at the moment.

    Seven Celebrity Crushes
    Gah, I'm so sick of celebrities right now. The few I find attractive, I end up putting in my stories. Jamie Bamber from Battlestar Gallactica and the guy who plays Helo on the show (need to get his name) are my hotties of the moment. I appreciate a lot of the pretty faces, but it's been a while since I've done the gushing, girly sigh thing for any particular celebrity.

    Seven People I Want to Do This Meme
    Not into the tagging thing. If you see this and want to take a stab at it, consider yourself tagged.

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