Thursday, September 29, 2005


Andrew's snug as a bug in a rug. Healthy as can be and showing no signs of wanting to get out into the world. My bod, however, is showing signs of distress. But only enough signs to get them worried and make me bleed and pee for the lab countless times, not enough to make them induce labor. Everything keeps coming back within normal limits--so far (the latest round of lab work is still waiting to be analyzed). It's not fun to go in every week, get that "hmmmm" frown when they look at my blood pressure, swollen ankles, and friggin persistent weight gain. (I never, EVER, want to be told that I've put on six pounds in one week again, and I also never want to see the number 220 on a scale under my feet ever again.) But then I'm always told that everything's still within normal levels, though just barely, so see you next week. Gah!

I know it's best to wait until nature takes its course if everything is otherwise healthy. But this is really frustrating.


Andi said...

You have my complete sympathy on the "everything's normal" thing. *hugs* I'm told that's a really good thing, though, so hang in there.

Kellie said...

Logically, I know that things are better this way, but man oh man is it really frustrating to be always just on the verge, waiting for nature to take its course or for my health to drop just one more notch before this kid comes out.