Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ticking Bomb

I've dropped. I'm dropping slowly. I'm really getting bigger. I look ready.

I've heard all sorts of things from my coworkers regarding this belly o'mine. Whatever. It all feels the same to me: crowded. They've put up a "betting" pool for when Drew's going to show up. No money involved, just bragging rights. Four people put me down as delivering after my due date, and I wished them very bad karma for it. One of my darling coworkers is convinced Andrew ain't showing up until Oct 10. He's based this on his experience with pregnant women. And I ask him if he had to work with said pregnant women, cuz it's rude to guess a woman's going to be a week late! :) Drew's even in on the action himself. Mark said our darling son informed him that birth is expected at 8:26 PM on Sept 26. We'll see. Mark's betting on Sept 25, and I'm thinking Sept 28. Time will tell. I've just had such fun with Braxton-Hicks, that I'm hoping I'll recognize the onset of labor when it's time. Or maybe I won't, and I'll be one of those lucky women whose water breaks, they go to the hospital ready for a good twelve hours of fun, and they find out they're already 8 centimeters dilated and it's about time to start some serious pushing. Ah, such a sweet dream.

My main problem now is sleeping and moving around. If a full bladder isn't waking me up, it's my hips screaming in agony from the pressure of my body pushing them into the mattress. Granted, the hip pain is a good sign that my joints there are gearing up for some serious give so Drew can pop through, but it friggin hurts! And everytime I stand up, my uterus becomes a nice, hard, solid ball of contractions and doesn't ease up until I sit back down again. So much for all the filing that I have to do.

But at least we're prepared for the Big Event. Well, as much as you can be. Even got the car seat OK'd by the fire department yesterday. Drew will be as protected in a moving vehicle as we can make him. Unless he's shorter than 18 inches at birth. Then we'll have to get a loaner car seat until he grows into the one we have. Apparently the harness isn't designed for short babies.


Andi said...

Please don't take this the wrong way, but I'm so glad I'm not pregnant. *-* This sounds like the least amount of fun a person could experience, and you're not even in labor.

*hugs* I hope the idiots betting on the later dates are way off. My fingers are crossed that Drew arrives when you think.

Kellie said...

After the first trimester, it really hasn't been anything bad (aside from the random health issues that decided to hit this year). Granted, I'd rather not be waking up every hour at night to pee or shift my hips, but the sleep I am getting is really good sleep. I'll be posting about this today, actually.

Joel said...

I'm beginning to see why many major actors (e.g., Angelina Jolie, etc.) are on the adoptive kick.

Kellie said...

I imagine adopting might be a stronger shock to the system. Afterall, Mark and I have been adjusting our lives for Andrew for pretty much all of 2005. And most of those adjustments have been permanent impacts on our lives, not just something we can handle like a business appointment and go back to life as usual afterward. Of course, I'm extremely ignorant about adopting, so maybe it is just as big an adjustment leading up to getting the kid in the house as it is when you're pregnant.