Monday, September 26, 2005

Things I Already Know About Drew

Andrew is playing the "Maybe-Maybe Not" game with my uterus. Had a couple of promising moments this weekend with patterned contractions--then Drew changed his mind and everything stopped before we hit an hour of fun. If he wants to make his 8:26 PM on Sept 26 deadline that he reported to Mark, he needs to get moving. I'm all for a fast, painless labor, but somehow I doubt I'm gonna be holding this kid by 8:30 tonight if I ain't feeling nothing to make it happen at 3PM. Anyway, I don't know what this littly tyke's going to look like, what color his eyes will be, how big he's going to be, etc. But there are a few things that are certain.

  • Blood Type - Mark and I have the same exact blood type. Andrew is going to be O+.

  • Buffalo Bills Fan - Mark's from Buffalo and his family his very enthusiastic about this team. It's a good thing I've liked them myself since their amazing comeback win over the Oilers all those years ago. If Andrew doesn't get the hint and cheer for Buffalo to the exclusion of all other NFL teams, Mark may insist on drastic measures such as shock therapy.

  • Strong Feelings About Science - With Mark and me rearing this kid, Andrew is either going to appreciate science the way we do or absolutely despise it because his parents are such geeks. Ambivalence is not an option.

  • Strong Feelings About the National Park system - Same reasoning as above. Either he'll love it like we do or get sick of it as we drag him camping all over the place looking at nature. But we might have some problems if Drew can't see any beauty in the Grand Canyon.

  • That's all I can think of at the moment. I've said this before, but I'm tired of the guessing game and really just want to meet this guy. I'd like to see him smile, look into his eyes. It'd be nice to see the kid I've been nurturing and protecting for the past nine months.


    Dave said...


    Boy, name Andrew, smallish, wrinkly, possession of innate ability to clearly express displeasure with accommodations, pink, likes milk/sleep in no particular order, unemployed

    Girl with unusual name, wrigglish, different name, actor in quickly cancelled CBS series, preferred nickname that of great familial figure rather than Drew, likes milk/sleep in particular order

    Dave said...

    Enjoys arranging related lists in unrelated order.

    Kellie said...

    As for the nickname, I'm puzzled. Why would our son prefer to be called "Phyllis"? Or did you have some other great familial figure in mind?