Monday, May 12, 2008

4 Drew Tidbits Make a Post

El Boyo Diablo has had a busy Monday so far.
  1. Drew decided today would be a great day to climb using stools and small chairs when Momma removed the standard stair-step devices he had been using. He demonstrated his prowess by taking a few pieces of my china down from a cupboard he usually avoids. Thankfully, Momma intervened before anything crashed to the floor.

  2. After realizing poking through Momma's dishes wasn't going to win him praise, Drew turned his attention to stacking his kiddie furniture in neat ways and at odd angles on the automan and proceeded to climb atop the unstable pile. Again, Momma intervened before catastrophe hit.

  3. While playing in his room when he should've been napping, Drew figured it would be neat to try a new trick with his dresser. He's been climbing on top of the thing to play with his monitor for a while now, but apparently that was just so boring today. He opened the top drawer of the dresser (all with extreme stealth so Momma didn't hear anything through the monitor) and sat in said drawer. Given that he is no longer a lightweight, the dresser pitched forward. A robust rocking chair blocked the path of descent at about a 20 degree angle and saved the day this time, leaving Momma to hurry into the room when she heard the Drew Monster crying softly (again, the dresser had made no untoward sounds).

  4. Given all of this, when we had a brief power outage not too long after the Dresser Incident, I decided to check on Drewbie to make sure he hadn't gone and done something really crazy like investigate an electrical socket and caused that outage. The monitor revealed nothing but steady breathing, so I wasn't too worried, but this kid hadn't done much for my peace of mind at that point. I eased open the door and found Drew half-in, half-out of his bed asleep. And when I say "half-in," I mean that his torso and head were sprawled on the mattress, but he was bent over the edge at the waist, leaving his legs dangling. He gets this ability to sleep in any position anywhere from his father, most certainly.

I am somewhat concerned about what the rest of the day has in store.

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